Big Summer Golf Card Holdings, LLP/Big Summer Golf Card Online Purchases Policy

  • Each golfer must have their own personalized BSG Card
  • The cost of the BSGC is $60 per person at the early price
  • At the time of online purchase you will have the ability to print your receipt  which will act as your Temporary Card. We suggest you do this as it will take approximately 7 days to get your permanent card to you
  • All BSGC orders are sent via first class mail through the USPS
  • If you do not receive your permanent BSGC within 28 days of purchase you must  notify us by email, regular mail, or by phone, in order to be eligible for a replacement card without additional charge
Due to the nature of  our product and because we do not track usage by cardholders, once ordered BSG  Cards are not refundable except in the event of duplicate purchases or  extraordinary circumstances as determined by Big Summer Golf Card Holdings, LLP, owner of the Big Summer Golf Card®. 

All sales are final except as provided above under REFUNDS.

  • You must present your personalized BSGC and one picture ID when registering to play golf
  • Proper golf attire must be worn
  • Each player must have a set of clubs
  • Private ice coolers, beverages or food are not permitted to be brought on course
  • Course policies concerning Non-Golfing Passengers, Children, Juniors or Walking Spectators are the determination and responsibility of each participating golf course
  • BSG Cards remain the property of  Big Summer Golf and violation of course rules or behavior which endangers or causes injury to others may result in removal from a course and confiscation of this card without refund
  • BSG Cards are not transferable